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    We are wild pigs. It is the 24:th of July, 2019. Nicolina Eklund is here to speak to us about freedom. We are at the border between Denmark and Germany, along which the Danish government has just started building a 700 km long fence. The aim is to prevent the German wild boars, suspected for spreading the African Swine Flu, from entering into the Danish countryside.

    The fence is known in Denmark as Vildsvinehegnet. There is a Facebook page actively critisizing it, saying it's just symbol politics, that it has no real effect. Then there some who fear the economic consequences of the wine flu: Denmark is one of Europes prime exporter of pork.

    The speech is inspired by a speech that president Reagan held at the Berlin wall 1987 . President Reagan spoke about freedom, urging the people to tear down the wall. What kind of freedom did he speak about? And for who? Since the fall of the Berlin wall, more than 1000 km of fence has been built in Europe.

    Fear of Movement

    Freedom of movement can not always co-exist with free trade, especially not during a pandemy. As we visit the area and speak to the locals living there, we are asked if we are either for it, or against it. At a border, there is no in-between. The fence would prefer if we don't move at all.

    We will soon release a video documented choreography developed and performed at the fence!