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    Rixta van der Molen Mie Frederike Fischer Christensen
    Julia Olanders Julia Olanders
    Vita Evangelista Marta Leonhardt
    Boyeon Kang
    Jurgis Lietunovas
    Fransesca Buratelli
    Jenela Kostova
    Gabriel Nils Edvinsson
    Carlijn Fransén
    Stig Steiner
    Carolin Hansson
    Masaki Komoto Masaki Komoto
    Sarah Kate Gardiner Sarah Kate Gardiner
    Yasmina Mews Hans Muller
    Evita de Vos
    Miyuki Inoue
    Rutger Basen Ina Porselius
    Maria Lepistö Yaakov Ehrlich

    The Animal Choir is a choir of people, who, at some point in their life, learned to imitate animals.

    Learning to imitating an animal is something that often takes place in the private. It is therefore quite special to meet up as a group and perform together, sharing this intimate talent. The choir is performing behind a banner, held up by two silent guards, preventing the audience to directly face the performers, only seeing their feet while listening to their voices.

    Animals are expected to be performers, not only in Zoos, but also on Youtube as well as in our homes, as pets. To imitate animals is a way of paying tribute to them, their skills and labour of constantly performing for us humans. Not only were the animals the first motifs of drawings that humans ever produced. The animals are also the original performance artists!

    About Three People And The Sounds They Make

    Miyuki Inoue, who is an artist working primarily with her voice as a medium, once said that imitating is a way of trying to understand another being. Unlike Miyuki, most of the members are not professional performers, but they did have one reason or another to learn to imitate animals. Some people learn to imitate their pet cat, or the birds in their garden. Others learn to imitate animals that they have never even met.