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  • logo Maria Lepistö, Lucía Jaén Serrano, Mette Gjandrup Tast, Freja Maria Kreutzfeldt Kristensen, Marina Dubia, Nicolina Eklund, Miyuki Inoue, Hans Müller, Sarah Kate Gardiner, Vita Evangelista, Masaki Komoto, Evita de Vos, Rutger Bazen, Rixta van der Molen, Julia Olanders, Boyeon Kang, Francesca Buratelli, Mie Frederike Fischer Christensen, Marta Leonhardt, Jurgis Lietuvonas, Jenela Kostova, Gabriel Nils Edvinsson, Carlijn Fransén, Stig Steiner, Carolin Hansson, Ina Porselius

    So, who are we?

    So far, the projects by the Animal Sound Society have been initiated by Maria Lepistö, in collaborations with other artists and performers. We are an interernational group, mostly based in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, working with voice and movement. choreography, dramaturgy, text and speech. Some of us have an interest in animal voices. Some of us have learned to imitate animals. logo With further contributions by: Alina Ozerova, Amr Hatem, Nina D'hautcourt and Tuva Herenui Richers Shaw, Nanna Hansen, Karen Nordentoft, Nicola Frances, Alexander Überhör, Yookyung Park, Seungyong Moon, Olga Middendorp and the toddlers in TINY and mighty, Masakis parents, Karin Olanders, Sadako Komoto, Kaoro Komoto, Rick Haring and Golshid Rokhzan logo

    we had the pleasure of being interviewed by Anne Clement from Lydkunst Podcast.

    Planning the interview, Anne asked us where we are normally meet, to which we replied that, well... it's different from time to time. We invited her to meet us at AFUK, Engahavevej 82, Copenhagen.

    ... but where are we located?

    We are indeed a nomadic project! So far, our performances, screenings and workshops at: Blågårds Plads (DK), Astrid Noacks Atelier (DK), Sorte Firkant (DK), Arti et Amicitiae (NL) and De Oude Kerk (NL).

    With support by: Konstnärsnämnden (SE), Nørrebro Lokaludvalg (DK) and Nordisk Kulturfond (DK).